DNAdose – Genetic Testing

What is DNAdose?

Are your medications working for you?

DNAdose is a genetic test that identifies which medications will work best for you.

DNAdose is a once off, pharmacogenomic test that identifies gene variants in four major enzyme systems and how these genes metabolise commonly prescribed medications.

​Put simply, DNAdose identifies how your individual genetic structure will respond to medication so your doctor can prescribe the most suitable medication at the right dosage for your body.

Why get a DNAdose?

Many drugs are metabolised by a number of liver enzymes.

An individuals genetic make-up affects the way they respond to medication.

By identifying gene variants it makes it possible to more accurately predict possible adverse reactions or non-response to a range of medications. including anti-depressants,anti-psychotics, anti-coagulants,pain killers and proton pump-inhibitors.

Armed with your test results the doctor can make an informed therapeutic choice of medicines.

Since a persons genes do not change for their lifetime the test results will be relevant for a patient’s lifetime.

TerryWhite Chemmart Nelson Bay offers this service

The test will be available at TerryWhite Chemmart Nelson Bay at a cost of $220.00.

The testing process is relatively simple and only involves swabbing the inside of the cheeks.

If you have experienced side-effects from your medication or poor response then please talk to us. The genetic test may be very worthwhile for you.

We use the DNAdose testing system based in Australia.

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Who is the DNAdose test relevant for?

Anyone of any age can participate in a DNAdose test. DNAdose is particularly relevant for people who:

  • have a history of not responding to common drugs. (eg. pain medication)
  • are experiencing side-effects from currently prescribed medications
  • take multiple medications
  • are planning a hospital visit or surgical operation
  • proactively manage their health
  • have children on prescribed medication

How does it work?

  1. Come in to our TerryWhite Chemmart Nelson Bay store. No appointment is required.
  2. Our pharmacist will take two swabs of the inside of your cheek using a cotton bud, which will then be sent off to a laboratory for analysis by an expert team of doctors, pharmacists and scientists.
  3. Your results will be sent to your nominated health care professional within 10 workings days.

What medications does the test cover?

The DNAdose test covers 50 of the most commonly prescribed medications, including those for conditions such as depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

How much does it cost?

The DNAdose multi-gene test costs $220. Unfortunately at this stage, there is no Medicare or Health Insurance rebate available.