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Impromy Weight Loss Program

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Developed in collaboration with the CSIRO, our new weight loss program combines meal replacements with personalised support for results that have been clinically tested.

Weigh up the difference with our program:

  • Developed with and clinically tested by CSIRO
  • Available exclusively through pharmacies
  • Nutritionally advanced meal replacement products, combined with professional advice and personalised consultations
  • Simply Well recipe book, incorporating high protein recipes
  • Regular health reviews and reports
  • Smartphone App to help you keep track of your weight loss and provide virtual support between visits with your consultant

To get started you need to first book a consultation, and from there you can manage your goals with balanced meals and a personalised app.

What is Impromy?

Welcome to sustained weight loss.

The Impromy program has been developed in collaboration with CSIRO to provide support and assist you to achieve your weight loss goals and improve your health.

Impromy is a unique program exclusively available through pharmacies where you will be supported by trained staff who will guide you through all aspects of the program and help you to achieve your weight loss and related health goals.

A very different kind of program

  • Exclusively available through pharmacies providing professional advice and personalised consultations
  • High protein meals and nutritionally enhanced meal  replacements
  • Personalised meal plans which include nutritionally enhanced meal replacements and whole foods with sensible snack options tailored to your needs.
  • Regular one-on-one health review consultations
  • Smartphone App to help you keep track of your weight loss and provide virtual support between visits with your consultant.
  • Support through our customer phone line and your Impromy Health and weight management consultant
  • Links you back to health professionals including your GP, Dietitian (APD), Exercise Physiologist and Psychologists as needed.


a consultation

Via the main website



Real support with regular health reviews and reports

Health reviews are conducted throughout the program and measured at day one; one month; three months; six months and twelve months. If needed we will work in conjunction with your doctor to safely achieve your desired weight loss. Your Impromy program consultant will monitor your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. These are all key indicators of your health that can be improved with better diet, exercise and weight loss.

Personalised eating plans

The use of enhanced meal replacements in combination with whole foods allows for greater flexibility for those with busy lifestyles or who are struggling to reach a sustainable meal pattern. This program does not take you away from the social connection with food such as eating with families and other social events, but helps you to plan for these occasions.

The Impromy Health and Weight Loss Simply Well eating plans have been specifically designed by CSIRO dietitians to provide you with a balance of protein to help you manage hunger, essential nutrients for vitality and fibre for bowel health to kick start your weight loss and help you keep it off.

The Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program consists of 3 Phases for health and weight management and you will be progressed through these phases as you advance through the program.