Nelson Bay

Health Check

Our Trained Consultant will Measure Your

  • Blood pressure
  • Total cholesterol (finger prick blood test)
  • Blood glucose (sugar level – finger prick blood test)
  • Body Mass Index – BMI
  • Waist measurement
  • Lifestyle assessment

A report is prepared that can be taken to your doctor

Health Check costs $30

If you are a member of AIA Vitality you may be eligible for a free Health Check and earn AIA Vitality reward points.

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The TWCM Health Check will take about 15 minutes and includes blood pressure, total cholesterol, glucose, BMI measures. An assessment will be made by a pharmacist once completed. You can book online for a Health Check above.

The TWCM Health Check costs $30 but is free for eligible AIA Vitality members.

A trained technician will perform the service and a pharmacist will evaluate the results highlighting what you can do to improve your results as appropriate.

The test involves a blood pressure check, a BMI measurement (measuring your height and weight), and a finger-prick blood test to check your total cholesterol and glucose levels.

Absolutely! A trained technician will provide the service at the highest quality so there is no risk of infection or other concerns.

A pharmacist will recommend appropriate action from your results, from lifestyle changes through to suggesting an appointment with your doctor for more unusual results.