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Dose Administration Aid

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Do you take multple medicines on a regular basis? Do you sometimes find it confusing which ones to take and when?

We can help you manage your medicines.

We use the Webster-pak medication dosage packing system.

We can prepare your medicines so you know which ones to take each day of the week. Your pills or capsules are sealed in separate compartments on the Webster-pak dosage card. To take your medicine you push the blister pack contents through the foil backing.

This way it is easy to see if you have taken your medicine on the correct day and at the correct time.

There are packs for those with low vision, bilingual packs with translated dosage, packs for people with disabilities and packs for children.

Webster-pak is well known by doctors. It helps take the worry out of taking your medicine.

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Meds Advisor

This is a free APP (application) that is downloaded to your mobile phone, tablet device or computer.

The pharmacy can then upload your current prescription status. This means you will always know if you have a current prescription for the medicines you take and the number of repeats that are available.

You can order a prescription to be dispensed at the pharmacy so it will be ready to pick up when you come into the pharmacy.

MEDS ADVISOR also links to a Medicine information data base so you have important information on your medicines.

The pharmacy can also set up MEDS ADVISOR to assist a carer manage the prescriptions for the person in care.

This information was copied from the Chemmart website